We believe that exploration is at the very core of what defines us as  human beings.

Our mission is to provide accessible, sustainable and innovative technology for those who venture beyond the horizon. On our planet’s oceans, in the sky and in space.

Breunig Aerospace specializes in R&D services for optomechanic and  mechatronic systems, high performance structures and advanced propulsion. We tightly integrate simulation, design and prototyping activities to create new knowledge and value for your product, research or mission. We think hardware, software and systems – full stack.

Breunig Aerospace
Dr.-Ing. Elias Breunig
St.-Georg Str. 33
97199 Ochsenfurt
(+49) 160 966 00 820
(+49) 931 99 117 418


Breunig Aerospace
Magdalene-Schoch-Str. 5
97074 Würzburg


We are proudly supporting the

ATHENA X-ray Observatory


LISA Gravitational Wave Interferometer

L-class astrophysics missions that will change our understanding of the universe with unprecedended capabilities and scientific observations which have never been possible before.

A Proud Supporter of the ESA Business Incubation Center, Bavaria