A new take on an old dream: propelling cargo vessels by wind energy – again.

In the recent years, a number of inovative concepts in this area have come to public attention, and fainted again, primarily because of shortcomings in the area of scalability, ease of operation and compatibility.

Our concept is based on very efficient wing sails, build with the latest know how from aerospace and yacht racing, installed into a modified 40ft iso shipping container (hence the name). Together with control electronics and actuators it forms a very flexible propulsion unit.
This concept has a significant number of advantages:

  • o an inherent compatibility and scalability within the container shipping ecosystem.
  • o Vessels can choose to take on board a small or large number of ISO_Sail propulsion units depending on their itinary and the weather forecast.
  • o ISO_Sail propulsion units are compatible with a huge number of ships out of the box.
  • o ISO_Sail propulsion units can be exchanged between ships. (reduces downtime)
  • o Storage and dispatching of PUs is easily achieved within a container terminal.
  • o Enables leasing and renting concepts which reduce financial risk from shipping companies
  • o For a panmax class ship up to 10% of the propuslion energy reuqired can be regularily saved.

Stay tuned for updates!