Dr.-Ing. Elias Breunig


Elias is an Aerospace Engineer with a Ph.D. and Diploma from TU München. He has several years of experience working on optomechanics and surface metrology for space telescopes in the academia, as well as on other spaceflight related projects in the industry. He has participated in two DLR/ESA sponsored sounding rocket campaigns with leading positions on payload level. As a member of Akaflieg München he also activley contributed to the development and production of the Mü31 aircraft.


Dr. rer. nat.  Rebekka Pfeuffer

Vacuum Systems & Electronics Development

Rebekka is a Physicist with a Ph.D. and Diploma from Julius-Maximilians-Universität Würzburg. She has worked several years on semiconductor technologies. She has experience with different vacuum systems, including MBE chambers and low temperature cryostats. During her Ph.D. studies, Rebekka worked on the process development and technological realization, as well as the structural and functional characterization of semiconductor nanostructures. 

Rahul Bhandari, M.Sc.

Mechanical Engineering
& Battery systems

Rahul is an Aerospace engineer with a M.Sc. in Space Science & Technology and a B.Sc. in Mechanical engineering. He has worked for several years in designing & production of components for small Satellites & Telescope prototypes. During his studies at The JMU, he has worked with DLR on many collaboration projects, specifically on autonomous docking systems for 3U CubeSat’s. With his experience, Rahul is now involved in developing & manufacturing of Battery systems for electric propulsion of aircrafts.

Shaunak Desai, M.Sc.

Aerospace Verification
& Test Engineering

Shaunak is an aerospace engineer with a M.Sc. in Advanced Space Systems and a B.Sc. in Mechatronics engineering. At The JMU, he designed and manufactured 3D satellite simulation prototypes in collaboration with DLR, specializing in autonomous docking systems. After a successful internship developing in vacuum Laster-Tracker metrology concepts for  X-ray telescopes, Shaunak now works on verification and test activities for ATHENA ground support equipment as well as requirements engineering and verification support for LISA.

Felix Pfannes, B.Sc

Electric Aircraft Propulsion
& Mechanical Design

Felix is a Aerospace Engineer with a B.Sc. from The University of Applied Sciences in Munich. During his studies he worked at Intel Drones in the mechanical and aerodynamic design department for multi-copters. He has several years of experience as a certified aircraft maintenance technician for Deutsche Lufthansa AG and holds the EASA aircraft maintenance license CAT-A and CAT-L. As a recreational pilot flying sailplanes and single engine motor-planes Felix also brings first hand experience into the development of aircraft systems and components.

Timothy Randolph, M.Sc.

Space Systems Engineering
& Safety Manager

Timothy is an Aerospace Engineer with a Masters in Advanced Space Systems and a Bachilors in Physics. He has several years of laboratory experience, having worked in BTU and JMU aerospace laboratories, designing and manufacuring test benches and laboratory architecture. He also has a background in aeronautics, having contributed to the restoration and build of both wooden and aluminium aircraft.

Kenny Wu, M.Sc.

Electronics Engineering

Kenny is an Electronics Engineer with a M.Sc. degree in Satellite Technology from Julius-Maximilians-Universität Würzburg. He has several years experience in spacecraft system engineering and worked as the payload engineer at satellite system level of a remote sensing satellite (VRSS-2).  Additionally, he also has experience as satellite ground operator for remote sensing satellites.

Franz Schwarz, B.Sc.

Trainee (Software Engineering)

Franz is a Software Engineer with a B.Sc. in Aerospace Computer Science of the JMU Würzburg.
His background in aeronautics as a glider and drone pilot helps him devolop software solutions for testbenches and prototypes.