Often the best solutions are achieved when an early and rapid prototyping and testing strategy is implemented.

To enable such activities for our customers and in-house developments, Breunig Aerospace continuouosly invests in a growing inventory of machinery, tools and equipment.
Aside from our mainline projects we are also happy to offer any free capacities  on our infrastructure for one-off samples or small series production runs to any interested parties.

CNC Machining

  • ISEL CPM-3020 (upgraded) | 4 axis milling machine with 300x200x100mm envelope
  • ISEL EUROMOD 65 | 3 axis milling machine with 650x650x250mm envelope

Conventional Machining

  • Bridgeport style manual knee mill
  • Lathe
  • Drill Press

Additive Manufacturing

3D printing with FDM process of most common low- and medium-temperature plastics (ABS, PLA etc.).

We employ a variety of techniques to enhance the capabilities and values of 3D printed parts as e.g. metallic inserts and bearings as well as postprocessing steps like lapping or CNC machining of “unprintable” features.

Available work envelope 200x200x200mm.

Composite Parts

We produce custom CFRP or GRP parts including the necessary tooling and production equipment.