Student trainee / internship: RayTracing code development

Breunig Aerospace is providing raytracing analysis of astrophysical telescopes for design optimization and test / calibration activities.

We use in-house and opensource codes (e.g. McXTrace) for this purpose.

The mid-term goal is to transition activities to a next generation in-house code which leverages modern GPU architectures and more easily integrates with other tools from the CAD and CAE realm.

We are looking for a student to contribute to:

  • theoretical verification of next-gen concepts
  • research on available open source components and alternatives
  • improvement of existing modules and tool-chains
  • developing and benchmarking of next-gen code

Applicants should have a good knowledge of computer graphics concepts and be fluent in Python and C/C++ (at least one required). Some knowledege of GPU programming (e.g. CUDA or OpenCL) is considered an advantage.

Contact us with your details at